About Us

Thank you for visiting the homepage of the Scientific Working Group on Dog and Orthogonal detector Guidelines (SWGDOG). Please check back often for updates and the latest news. SWGDOG is a partnership of local, state, federal and international agencies including private vendors, law enforcement and first responders. We anticipate that establishing consensus based best practices for the use of detection teams will provide many benefits to local law enforcement and homeland security. Improving the consistency and performance of deployed teams and optimizing their combination with electronic detection devices will improve interdiction efforts as well as courtroom acceptance.

SWGDOG consists of 55 members with meetings occurring at least once a year. The SWGDOG Executive Board and Membership Committee Chair made difficult decisions in balancing subcommittee representation while staying below the maximum number of total SWGDOG members. Presently, all SWGDOG membership positions are filled, but we are maintaining a list of nominees for consideration as current SWGDOG members are replaced.

History & Goals of SWGDOG

Explanation of Best Practices

Thank you for your interest in SWGDOG and we look forward to your input in the development of consensus best practices that will advance and improve our profession.

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Kenneth G. Furton, PhD, CChem, MRSC
International Forensic Research Institute
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Florida International University
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