Appendix 3.1: Selection of Serviceable Dogs

Appendix 6.1: Presentation of Evidence in Court- Summaries of Case Law

Case Law disclaimer

All the cases may be viewed and printed out by anyone for research, teaching, private study, or general interest. This collection of case law is intended to be used for informational purposes. It is intended to be a thorough body of work in the areas addressed, but not necessarily complete in all aspects. From time to time the case summaries will be updated and reviewed. For any corrections, comments or cases that should be included, but are not, please contact Jessie Greb at

Appendix 7.1: Research and Technology - Database of Published Literature

Appendix 7.2: Research and Technology - Recommended Parameters to be considered in a Scientific Study

Appendix 8.1 & 8.2: Substance Dogs - Explosives

Appendix 8.3: Substance Dogs - Contraband

Appendix 8.4 Substance Dogs - Currency

Appendix 8.5: Substance Dogs - Firearms

Appendix 8.6: Substance Dogs - Pests & Insects