SWGDOG Executive Board

Kenneth Furton, PhD, SWGDOG Chair, Florida International University

David Kontny, Senior Advisor, National Canine Policy and Standards, Department of Homeland Security, Office for Bombing Prevention

Rex Stockham, Forensic Canine Program Manager, FBI Evidence Response Team Unit

Mark Rispoli, JD, California Narcotic Canine Association, SWGDOG Legal Counsel

Jessie Greb, SWGDOG Executive Secretary

Terry Anderson, President, NPCA

Don Blair, Vice President, Strijder Group K9

Robert Gillette, DVM MSE
Auburn University

John C. Pearce, Director, Training & Operations, Canine Detection Training Center, Auburn University

Melissa Stormer, CEO, Great Lakes Nutrition, Inc.

Jan C. Zoodsma, Commander Canine Unit, Netherlands National Police, Chairman Interpol European Working Group on the Use of Police Dogs in Crime Investigation